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Chance Management 

\ˈchan(t)s \ man·age·ment |

Chance can dramatically impact our lives.

I founded Chance Management to help companies, leaders and CEOs understand how to move faster, be more efficient, uncover possibilities or make the most of situations as they arise.

After years of working in risk management, I can attest that there is no single path or technique that can predict and control future events. Moving from risk management to a chance dimension is necessary as our world is not only a minefield of survival, but a space of infinite chances to thrive on. While we don’t always have control over what happens to us, we can still aspire to have the upper hand.

People and companies will learn to recognize their value and identity architecture through the lens of possibility. I am committed to demonstrating the art of living and leading well so that they can shorten the distance between what can be and who they need to become.

Why Chance Management

Our life is not fixed, we can shape our future.

The world we live in is in constant motion and linked by a fabric of invisible connections and opportunities where old concepts of time, space and matter no longer apply.

The options at one’s door are wider, the chances to thrive higher and “success” itself can be greater and come faster than ever before. Most of us are using only a fraction of the capacity we have to make our chances count.

When the window of chance is clearer, your vision is sharper, you ”run” better, and you can act in the moment. Chance Management is a definitive force that holds individual and collective potential for optimal growth, it offers essential mindsets and techniques for defining the realities you want and the means to manifest them.

Lessons in Chance Management

“Chance Management Lessons act as a shortcut to seed new ideas or simply stretch your mind in new directions. They are powerful chunks of wisdom, insights, and observations that can help you flip a mental switch to change your outlook or self-awareness.

I’m sharing this collection of excerpts from lessons that have come to be inspiring and influential for diverse audiences such as CEO’s, entrepreneurs, students, and others.”

The Chancery is an assembly of remarkable leading-edge thinkers from around the world who have added important new dimensions to the understanding of Chance Management