Chance Management Lessons

Chance Management Lessons act as a shortcut to seed new ideas or simply stretch your mind in new directions. They are powerful chunks of wisdom, insights, and observations that can help you flip a mental switch to change your outlook or self-awareness.

I’m sharing this collection of excerpts from lessons that have come to be inspiring and influential for diverse audiences such as CEO’s, entrepreneurs, students, and others.

“Chance” is saturated in meaning: potential, opportunity, possibility, probability, luck by chance, risk, and fate the force that causes things to happen without any known cause or reason for doing so. Chance can make or break scripts that can dramatically impact our lives. Chance represents part of our free will, the idea that life is not fixed and our future can be shaped. We operate within living fields of thought, perception and action, and this is why we can actively participate in shaping our future as opposed to our past.

A Chance lens is predominantly a window into oneself. It is a key to leading life not only by consequence but also by choice, decision and intention. If one is committed to finding their chances and making them count then life can be more creative than reactive. Instead of living in confusion, feeling lost in potential and powerless, one can look ahead with a sense of meaning, create a new attitude, feel powerful, and intentionally create a necessary purposeful shift from survive to thrive, victim to victory.

Identity Architecture helps define reality and outline desired dimensions, A blueprint of “Me” and “My chances” for better performance, and growth. This requires creating an updated profile made of actual competences, underlying assets, resources, and setbacks to evaluate self-worth and potential worth. Many of the inherent personal possibilities are blocked, buried or you are blinded to. The Identity Architecture aims to unlock inherent personal possibilities, redefine them in a realistic and practical manner and harness them towards growth.

The thread, substance or material from which your identity is formed. Being and operating a certain way. Your identity fabric dramatically affects who you are, how you act and how you evolve. You are not a fixed entity: How you are programmed, wired, and ‘operate’ is ever-changing based on the roles you play, the life you live and the future you desire. However, most people have not consciously observed nor optimized their “identity fiber” and simply believe that “this is just the way I am or how things are”.

Without knowing what you are “made of” you have a vague idea of what your potential is or who you can become. The truth of the matter is that there is no cap, you are completely flexible and fluid. As such, you can manifest, perform, and “operate”better if you are “plugged” well enough, you are better connected and aware of your fortitude. Your self-portrait includes all things relating to your unique profile and asset portfolio. Identifying these foundational elements can ultimately help you optimize your performance, accomplishments and cross platform effect; personal, social, and professional.

Chanceformation refers to the extent to which a person or company can transform their reality or future to a positive and resourceful one.
This concept consists of three elements:
Chance information; the extent of understanding or interpreting internal and external information about reality.
Chance formation; assumptions, strategies and alternatives to reposition where you are.
Chance transformation refers to the deep understanding of how to use information and new position to create the desired positive change expected.

Eudaimonia is an ancient Greek concept. It means to live a virtuous, full, meaningful life, to live well. The Greeks also used the concept “arête”, translating roughly to excellence. All things had a particular type of arête that represented the highest good or highest state of existence we can achieve. Our ultimate aim should be human flourishing. There is a fine line between a person being a better tool (athlete) and a better human phenomenon (personality) Chance Management aspires to combine both. 

It is that thing that sets you apart, makes you stand out, gives you an advantage over others. It is something you are (like natural leader) or perhaps born with (last name that opens doors) or a quality (like affinity) or talent. It is a source available to you, and when you discover what it is, understand how it works and know when to use it, it can become a valuable resource.
You don’t have to tell people you “have” it but rather let it show.

The term “inpowerment” refers to the process of becoming equipped and charged to act, turning possibility to probability. It’s about having the power, means and readiness to make something happen by incapsulating the milestones, frameworks and steps needed to be taken.
Unlike the term empowerment that answers the question “Will I be willing to do something?" a conviction that I have in me in a possibility, without necessarily being able to make it happen.

“All of us have a cubic centimeter of chance that pops out in front of our eyes from time to time.
The difference between an average man and a warrior is that the warrior is aware of this, is alert, deliberately waiting, so that when his cubic centimeter pops out he has the necessary speed and expertise, to pick it up.”

Carlos Cataneda