noun chan·cery / ˈchan(t)-sə-rē , ˈchan(t)s-rē /

The Chancery is an assembly of remarkable leading-edge thinkers from around the world who have added important new dimensions to the understanding of Chance Management

What Chance Managers have in common is the search and creation of opportunities they desire instead of waiting for them to arise. They govern their chances, know their value, invest in their life-design, and create the contents, dynamics and volume for it. In other words, they take responsibility for giving birth to their future.

*The original Chancery dates back to King Henry Ι in the early 1430’s when the role of his high officials, the ‘Chancellors’ was to follow a distinctive language and set of loose rules to avoid the slow pace of change in the kingdom.

We share the opinion that anyone can participate in the unfolding of their future and become a Chance Manager.

Grabbing the cosmic steering wheel with both hands.
Stuart MacDonald, Managing Partner, Bride Valley Partners, London
Learning from the past, molding the present, to make a better future.
Oded Rose, CEO, Israel- America Chamber of Commerce. Founder of “Emis” Eastern Mediterranean International School
Chance Management is a shift in mindset – to abandon negativity, see new options, get accustomed to changes and take advantage of them. Create something new, set a clear focus and channel energy.
Ing. Beáta Lipovská, MSc. Development Cooperation and Humanitarian Aid Department, Slovak Republic
Chance Management is a compass for designing a L.I.F.E worth living, A life of Learning, Inventing, Feeling and Effecting.
N. Shimrat, Business and Social Architecture
Chance Management is like driving the highway while keeping one eye on the side roads.
Dvir Benedek, Actor and Social Activist
Chance Management provides leaders exceptional tools to break through perceived limitations and a fresh lens of one’s infinite potential.
Megan Patrick, Office of the President & CEO, The MITRE Corporation
Chance – sometimes it’s hard to see it.
Koby Barki, Founder, PlayProperties
Chance Management defines the “chance” and improves its utility for management.
Jonathan Adelman, History Professor, Josef Korbel School of International Studies, University of Denver
Positive form of stress with a favourable effect on motivation, performance, and well-being.
Yonathan Kanir, Proprietor, Kanir Law Firm
To thrive in an increasingly unpredictable world, youmust have courage to seize chances when the outcome cannot be known, knowingthe fight will make you stronger and is worth it.
Beth Meinert, Senior Vice President, General Manager, 
MITRE Public Sector
It’s about planting the seed that was always there, constructing a new consensus.
Daniel D. Arie, Philosopher
To learn to see the divine intervention in our lives at every moment, and know how to respond to it.
Dr. Harbeen Arora, Global Chairperson, ALL Ladies League (ALL) & Women Economic Forum (WEF) India.
The knowhow of grabbing opportunities.
Sarah Wilner, Head of Golda Meir International Training Center
Chance Management is a conceptual revolution, and not just in business but in every aspect of our life. It’s first and foremost the ability to shift from a risk mode to a chance mode, from a survivability state of mind to a growth state of mind. It’s a shift from a world full of fear to a world full of hope. Once we’ve achieved this goal and made the shift, we need to practice the way we manage it. This is where the art begins.
Yoel Cheshin, Founder & Chairman, 2B VC
The mastery of opportunistic living.
Alexander Saunders, Founder, Simple Tones Ventures
Management skills to produce opportunities out of constraints.
Prof. David Passig, Futurist, Head of Virtual Reality Lab, Bar Ilan University, Israel. Author of bestseller The Future Code
Chance Management is the capacity to be comfortable out of your comfort zone and try new things.
Eugenia Iurco, Gender and Youth Coordinator, Peace Corps Moldova

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    “Miracles occur naturally as expressions of chance. The real miracle is letting chance inspire you in the sense of taking action in a miraculous way.”