Netta Ness Founder of Chance Management

Netta Ness is the founder and creator of Chance Management, 
a definitive practice for optimal growth.

She is internationally respected for her advanced vision and insightful ability to profile and transform individuals and companies. For more than a decade and across continents, Netta has popularized Chance Management to audiences on stage through lectures, workshops and press interviews. She also offers private sessions, and builds unique partnerships with executives, teams and leaders to help them rekindle their impact. This is why leaders, CEO’s and entrepreneurs have adopted Chance Management principals as a relevant language and management standard.

The outgrowth of her work is the capacity to understand how possibilities work on a very deep and far-sighted level, putting people first.

Netta possesses an uncanny ability to distill the emotional to the intellectual: building atypical combinations of ideas, mindsets and frameworks that often run against the grain of conventional wisdom.

She brings out the best in high-performing CEO’s, leaders, entrepreneurs and organizations from across fields to be more effective in their core field. Like a new age fortune teller Netta will tell you things you have never heard or expected to learn.

From Risk Management to Chance Management

Serving as Vice President of a successful hedge firm inspired pioneer Netta Ness to embark on the field of Chance Management.

By moving from risk management to a new dimension, Netta developed training and models that were lacking in the business and private climates that are more than a minefield of choice and survival, but rather a space of infinite chances and increasing possibilities to thrive on.

Netta’s family and upbringing were anything but ordinary. Her heroic family life stories, ideals and norms have intertwined across countries, cultures and ethnic boundaries developing her universal wisdom and appreciation for diversity, and our interconnected world.

Netta works with academic institutions and NGO’s such as The MITRE corporation, National Academy for Leadership, World Economic Forum for Women (WEF), the EU, Influencers, and others.

Roles & Landmarks

Senior Vice President, TERA, Waves Tech Company.
Head Columnist featuring Chance Stories, Epoch Times Magazine (Former).
Senior Advisor to Senior Leadership, The MITRE Corporation.
Inventor, Virtual Advertising Network Agency Patent Application.
Recipient of the “Iconic Leader” award, WEF, Women Economic Forum.
Certified Trainer, Twelve-Step Dual Diagnosis, Wingate College, Israel.
PhD in progress, Chance Management as an intervention for population at risk, Haifa University, Israel.
Mediator for Senior Managers, Goma Israeli Center for Mediation.
MA in Global Marketing, Communication and Advertising, Emerson College, Boston.
Impulse Cambridge UK, Business Expert.
BA in Communication, Journalism and Political Science, Bar Ilan University, Israel.
WSET London, Level 2 Award in Wines.