Chance Management Principles

The world is in continuous motion at a level we cannot see

We have more than one possible future. We operate within living fields of thought, perception and action, and this is why we can actively participate in shaping our future. The power of Chance Management lies in the creation of new self-definitions and ways of capturing our chances to focus them in our favor.

Chance Management begins when you are prepared to take a fresh look at your life or company. It helps define your reality and outline your desired dimensions, so that “Me” and “My chances” become your dynamic blueprint for performance and growth.

Tapping into “chance” requires recognizing assets both personal and beyond us. Outlining our head-to-heart mindsets and knowledge of how we operate, allows us to act instead of just think about acting.

With Chance Management you will be able to achieve 3 things:

React better to what is

out of your control
Optimize what is
partially in your control
Capitalize on things that

are fully in your control

“In the story of every individual and organization there are moments when chance and skills collide to create a successful chance story”.

Netta Ness, Founder and Creator of Chance Management

To be a Chance Manager

A Chance Manager is a person who is open, curious, alert and able to entertain multiple perspectives, languages and domains necessary for setting intentions while sensing new emerging realities.

Chance Management can help redefine what’s possible, clear your perception, help to create a new vital design for your life or company and improve your ability to draw, step by step, the plan to achieve your vision and become it.

Once you accept these principles, you hold the potential to become a true Chance Manager; you reclaim the clarity and power to move ahead and make it happen.

Chance Types

Random Chances*

Unplanned, unscripted and unforeseeable moments or encounters. They can arise from anywhere or be just under our nose. We cannot anticipate nor prescribe them. However, if we spot them, they have the power to change our lives and give us an unexpected and transformative new direction.
*Also referred to as:
serendipity, synchronicity, fluke, click moment, wake-up call, coincidence, luck, fate, destiny, karma, enlightenment, a ha moment, eureka moment.

Planned Chances*

Strategies, tactics and plans that require fresh thinking and new patterns for creating the directions and possibilities we desire moving forward. We have the time to review these plans, evaluate the chances, and carefully prepare for them, step by step.
*Look for:
unconventional connections, intersections, unusual crossroads, convergences, odd linkups and atypical combinations.

Exponential Chances*

They usually involve collaborating with other agents or platforms and require us to identify people, situations, events or alliances who act as multipliers. Exponential chances will accelerate growth, speed and volume, widen access and presence and significantly improve impact and capital.
*Also referred to as:
prospective thinking, forecasts, predictions, scenario planning, projections, experiments, beta tests, innovative projects, pilots, new tryout.