Working Together

Mastering the Art of Capitalizing on Chance


Chance Management acts as an open invitation to invent and innovate yourself, your work, and the world.

The Chance Management Signature Process was built to pull ambitious people and companies into activity that calls forth the best in them. What you can expect to achieve is new mind settings and clarity to force a shift in conscious functioning. When essential scenarios for growth are created, action will follow.

Chance Management is offered via consulting sessions, tailored stage talks, workshops, exclusive projects and partnerships.


Chance Management Signature Process for Individuals             

Everyone has self-principles, unique particulars, and a singular profile.

In a structured 3-step process your unique self-portrait is turned into a practical and effective self-blueprint followed by essential and practical steps moving forward.

You want a Chance Management Signature Process when you are prepared for a fresh look moving forward. It’s a close examination of your current values, desires, skills and opportunities to optimize how you run yourself, your business or your organization. While most disciplines focus on processes that tend to be long, detailed and slow, Chance Management focuses on momentum and results.

“The process created a new opening for me, an emerging awareness about old boundaries and new options to change my whole orientation about my possibilities.”

“People should not consider so much what they are to do as what they are”

“People should not consider so much what they are to do as what they are”

Chance Management Talks & Workshops

A demonstration of how Chance Management concepts, techniques and practices can be applied to important aspects of our lives where improvement or fresh thinking are required.


Talks engage people and teams to think about the chances ahead and how to act on them successfully.

Varied in time, the talks are full of ideas and strategies for changing the ways we think about our chances and seizing the opportunities life offers.

The lectures are lively, inspiring and practical in nature, enabling participants to better understand how they can start “Imagineering” their success for optimal results.


Workshops are collective minds at work. Longer and more interactive, they go into more depth and detail about fundamental and practical aspects of Chance Management. Think of it as an immersion in a new paradigm for your company and your people. Together, we work on defining relevant principles for optimal chance management.

It is where intentions reside and goals are set, and where organizations and their people begin to think and execute better in multiple ways.

Projects & Partnerships – Leaping Together.

Partnerships and Projects are singular in nature and are formed in order to improve options, be more efficient and scale up. Chance Management strategies are formalized and incorporated as a method to raise capital, build the right teams, rekindle impact, and create valuable progress.

Projects and partnerships include teaming up with start-ups, initiating new agendas, creating unique Chance Management programs with academic institutions, government offices and companies.

Sample projects include the National Academy for Leadership (Israel), Boston University, Hebrew University and Emerson College, World Economic Forum for Women (WEF), the EU, and others.